Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft Tissue Grafting

A soft tissue graft is a method that can restore the gum line, strengthen bone structure and help provide a healthy foundation for teeth. Soft tissue grafting can be used to treat missing teeth that are not due to decay or trauma. The procedure has several benefits including:

Soft tissue grafting is a method that can restore the gum line, strengthen bone structure and help provide a healthy foundation for teeth.

It’s a surgical procedure that uses a small piece of gum tissue to rebuild the gum line.

What is Soft Tissue Grafting?

Soft tissue grafting is a surgical procedure that can be used to repair gum recession. Gum recession exposes your mouth to bacteria and plaque buildup. This can lead to inflammation of your gums, which may require you to undergo oral surgery if left untreated. 

Soft tissue grafts are also called gum grafts because they involve transplanting living soft tissue from another part of your mouth or body into an area where there is deficient gum or bone structure due to tooth loss or other reasons (such as injury). By replacing the lost bone with new bone through this procedure, your dentist can help restore both function and appearance in addition to increasing comfort levels as well as preventing further damage from occurring over time!

 What is the process of Soft Tissue Grafting?

The process of soft tissue grafting involves taking a small amount of bone from your jaw and placing it in the gum line to create new bone that will become fused to nearby teeth, which may help prevent future decay. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and is a completely safe an common procedure.

It’s important to note that there are different types of graft materials available—cancellous, cortical, and allografts—that vary based on their properties such as porosity and density.

 What are the benefits of Soft Tissue Grafting?

When you undergo soft tissue grafting, you can expect to see several health improvements. These include:

  • Improved gum health
  • Improved bone health
  • Improved tooth alignment and stability
  • Aesthetic appearance improvement (e.g., larger smile)
  • Enhanced bite function, chewing efficiency, and speech ability. This includes improved swallowing abilities in some cases as well

In addition to the above benefits, patients report an overall improvement in their quality of life following restoration with soft tissue grafts.

 What makes a great candidate for Soft Tissue Grafting?

A successful candidate should have good dental health (with healthy teeth and gums), a healthy immune system, and a history of successful gum surgery procedures like partial denture construction and flap surgery.

Your dentist will evaluate your oral health status before performing this procedure so they can determine whether it’s right for you at this time

If you are looking for a solution to your gum disease, contact us today. We can help you heal from the inside out with soft tissue grafting and give your smile back to you.

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