Teeth Cleaning

What is Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth Cleaning is the process of removing tartar, plaque, and bacteria from the teeth. Teeth cleaning should happen regularly — at least twice a year — by a dental hygienist or dentist who specializes in oral care.

Cleaning your teeth regularly is important for good oral health and overall health. Cavities can develop without proper cleaning. Cavities are not only painful but also can cause serious health problems if not treated. They can lead to gum disease, leading to tooth loss, and poor eating habits that may also lead to heart problems or diabetes.

 Process of teeth cleaning

  • How long does it take? 

On average, an essential teeth cleaning takes about 30 minutes. However, this can vary depending on how many fillings, crowns, or other dental work needs.

  • Does Teeth Cleaning Hurt?

 It’s not uncommon for your dentist to use a local anesthetic during the procedure, so it shouldn’t be painful. However, some people experience slight discomfort or sensitivity following the cleaning. This usually goes away after a few days.

 Benefits of teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning can prevent the following:

  • gum disease.
  • tooth decay.
  • bad breath.
  • prevent cavities.
  • prevent tooth loss.
  • other dental problems like root canal therapy, or even oral surgery if necessary, which are costly and time-consuming for both you and your dentist to deal with in the future!

How often do I need teeth cleaning?

The frequency with which you need to have your teeth cleaned depends on several factors, including your age, diet, and dental habits. Your dentist will decide whether you need cleanings more frequently or less frequently than the recommended schedule outlined below.

  • Children (less than 18 years old): Should have their teeth professionally cleaned at least every 6 months.
  • Adults: Have their teeth professionally cleaned every 3 months.
  • People over 50 years old are recommended to get regular dental checkups twice a year since gum disease become more common in people this age
  • If you are diabetic or have other conditions that increase the risk for periodontal disease or cavities, discuss with your dentist whether visits should be more frequent than the standard recommendations above.

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